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This page will load and run a Macromedia Shockwave movie that presents an animated introduction to the principles of MRI. The movie is 3.9 MB long but it will start playing after roughly 630K has downloaded.

WARNING: It appears that Macintosh users have little or no problems downloading this shockwave movie when using either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Non-Mac users seem to have nothing but problems when using Explorer. The only browser that seems to work on non-Mac platforms is Netscape Navigator. I will persue this in the future. Sorry about that. (Everything on these web pages was designed on a Mac.)

The material covered is exactly the same as found in Chapter 2 of my textbook which you can go to by clicking here. If your screen is large enough I recommend that you open a second window displaying the text while this window plays the movie. Eventually, I will incorporate the text into the Shockwave movie but I wanted to make this available now.

Navigate through the movie using the arrows at the bottom of the screen. You can jump back to the start of the movie at any time by clicking on the phrase "Start Over" found in the top left corner.

Your comments are welcome.