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In order to view this movie, you should set your monitor to at least 800x600 and 24 bit (millions) color. If you don't have the Shockwave Plugin, the browser should redirect you to Macromedia where you can download it for free.

This Shockwave movie is roughly 1.5MB. It should start playing as soon as it has downloaded the first 3 frames although some versions of browsers on different platforms may require the whole movie to download first, so please be patient.

To navigate through the movie you can use the arrows and instructions such as "Show Me". However, a simpler way is to press the "Space" bar. This should execute the next default behaviour, either starting an animation or moving to the next frame. Unfortunately, when running from a browser (as opposed to a stand alone application), sometimes the system gets hung and you have to press the space bare twice. When this happens, often the system will skip a frame and you have to use the back arrow. As soon as I can figure out why it is happening I'll upload a fixed version.

If you want to see an animation repeated, press the "Show Me" button.

The ability to navigate with the space-bar was added on September 24, 2004. This is the first change I have made to this movie in more than a year. If this has "broken" any functionality, particularly on low-end computers, PLEASE send me an e-mail and let me know.

Enjoy. Feedback is welcome at moriel@simplyphysics.com

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