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We made it a habit to bring chairs into the room but kept them at “x” distance.  The story was after the procedure the patient pulled the chair closer while getting up.  The chair was pulled to the magnet.  The tech went to get assistance to pull the chair off and enlisted the help of a transporter who decided to start pulling before everyone was assembled.  The chair flipped up and in and history was made. 
This happened on the 3-11 shift.  The next morning all were assembled to brainstorm.  Maintenance drilled a hole in the concrete and placed an eye screw.  A winch was located outside the room and with a nylon rope the chair was pulled off.  After GE‘s assessment and okay, we were up and running by noon or 1pm!  We were impressed that this was accomplished without a quench and significant downtime. 
The shroud was cracked and the head coil was damaged; both replaced at a later time.  The patient was not injured.
After 20 years and no accidents, our policy was immediately changed to stop allowing the chairs into the scan room.  We recognize we were VERY lucky in many respects.