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This Page Last Updated: 06/29/98



Our fast mirror site is now up - check it out!

Pulse sequence pages added

General Acronym definitions updated


Fixed Search Page

Added IR, SE, MPRAGE pulse sequence pages with diagrams

Added What's New button to navigation bar


Pulse Sequence Category Lists Updated

Alphabetical Pulse Sequence List Updated


Additional MR Links Added

MR Spectroscopy Acronyms Added

Guestbook and Mailing List Forms Added


Reincarnation of initial MARS website on new server.

MRI Links activated

Pulse Sequence Acronym Registration Form Added.



A lot of changes have taken place and the logs have not really been updated since Dr. Kaji left and a new Webmaster has subsequently taken over, but here is a general summary of what has happened in the last month or so:

- The MARS website's new Web master is murtaza rizvi

- The site has been moved onto a Power Macintosh 8100/80AV in the MRI suite in the Gudelsky building of University of Maryland Medical Center

- The Macintosh was configured to run off of MAC/OS Version 8.1

- The server for the site is now Webstar 3.0

- The site's new address is http://mars.ummc.ab.umd.edu/mars

- Many changes to pages, tables, images, and the general organization of the files and site itself have been taking place and many things are yet to be organized and put online.

- The site has links to a new site called Simply Physics which introduces Dr. Moriel NessAiver's new book.

- Many pulse sequence files have yet to be found and edited and thus are not online yet

- The search engine has not been set up for the web star server as yet so searches for acronyms do not work as of yet.



- Many of the extra pages have now been put on-line - acronyms which are in italics have seperate pages.

- Most gif and image files have been put on line.

- The spectroscopy and general MRI acronym directories have been created and reorganized.

- The Webstar Search Engine has been enabled but this feature will be further organized so that the search engine only searches the necessary files and not the complete data base.


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