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Below is a directory of general (non-pulse sequence related) and pulse sequence acronyms. In addition to definitions that are part of the everyday MRI lexicon, additional definitions are taken from:

  1. All You Really Need to Know About MRI Physics (Moriel NessAiver, PhD. 1997. Simply Physics, Baltimore, MD)
  2. Questions and Answers in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Elster A. Mosby 1994.
  3. ACR MRI Glossary of Terms (Fourth Edition). American College of Radiology (Reston, VA). 1995.
  4. Concepts in Magnetic Resonance, Volume 10(1). Wiley & Sons 1997. Pages 59-62

As new acronyms are submitted and added, their respective contributors will be appropriately cited and recognized.

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MRI Acronym Alphabetical List :   

Acronym Expansion
3D FASTER (Radiology 173:743, 1989)
3D GRE 3D Gradient Echo
3D MP RAGE 3D Magnetization Prepared RApid Gradient Echo
ADA Alternated Delay Acquisition
ADC Apparent Diffusion Coefficient
ADRF Adiabatic Demagnetization in The Rotating Frame
APT Attached Proton Test
ARP Adiabatic Rapid Passage
ASIS Aromatic Solvent-Induced Shift
BASE Basis Imaging with Selective Inversion-Prepared
bEPI blipped Echo Planar Imaging
BIRD Bilinear Rotation Decoupling
BMS Bulk Magnetic Susceptibility
BOLD Blood Oxygenation Level Dependent contrast (SMRM 9, 654)
BOSS BimOdal Slice Select rf pulse
BP MR  BiPhasic MR imaging
BW Bandwidth
CAMELSPIN Cross-Relaxation Appropriate for Minimolecules Emulated by Locked Spins
CBF Cerebral Blood Flow
CE-FAST Contrast-Enhanced FAST (Picker)
CIDNP Chemically Induced Dynamic Nuclear Depolarization
CNR Contrast to Noise Ratio
CP Cross Polarization
CSMEMP Contiguous Slice MEMP (Radiology 173(P) 119, 1989)
DCT Discrete Cosine Transform
DFT Discrete Fourier Transform
DIGGEST Direct Imaging of local Gradients by Group Echo Selection Tomography (SMRM 9, 131)
DISE Driven Inversion Spin Echo (SMRM 9, 81)
DMSSFP Double-Mode Steady State Free Precession (SMRM 9, 1165)
DOPING DOuble Pulse INterlaced Echo ImaginG (SMRM 9, 309)
DPSF Diffusion/Perfusion Snapshot Flash
DWI Diffusion Weighted Imaging  (SMRM 7, 890, 1988)
EFG Electric Field Gradient
ELD Energy Level Diagram
EPC Echo Phase Correction (SMRM 9, 425)
EPI Echo Planar Imaging
ETL Echo Train Length
FAcE Fid Acquired Echoes (SMRM 8, 847, 1989)
FAST Fourier Acquired Steady State
FATS Fat suppressed Acquisition with TE and TR Times Shortened I (SMRM 9, 187)
FC Flow Compensation
FE Field Echo, Frequency Encode
FEER Field Even Echo Rephasing
FFE Fast Field Echo
FFF Fast Fourier Flow
FFP Fast Fourier Projection
FID Free Induction Decay
FIRFT Fast Inversion-Recovery Fourier Transform
FISP Fast Imaging with Steady-State Precession
FLAIR Fluid Attenuation Inversion Recovery
FLASH Fast Low Angle Shot
fMRI Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
FOV Field of View
FR Frequency Encode
FSE Fast Spin Echo (Turbo Spin Echo)
FT Fourier Transform
FWHM Full Width at Half Maximum
G Gauss
GARP Globally Optimized Alternating Phase Rectangular Pulse
GATORCIST Respiratory Gated Imaging
Gd Gadolinium
GINSEST Generalised INterferography using Spin Echoes and Stimulated echoes (SMRM 9, 267)
GMN Gradient Moment Nulling
GRASS Gradient Acquisition in Steady State
GRE Gradient Echo Imaging
GREAT Ghost Reduction by Equalized Acquisition Triplets (SMRM 9, 1346)
GROPE Generalized Compensation for Resonance Offset and Pulse Length Errors
HASTE Half-Fourier Acquisition Single Shot Turbo Spin-Echo
IR Inversion Recovery
IR-EPI Inversion Recovery Echo Planar Imaging (MRM)
IVIM IntraVoxel Incoherent Motion (SMRM 9, 374)
LIS Lanthanide Induced Shift
LP Linear Prediction
LS Line Scanning (MRM 7, 79, 1988)
LSR Lanthanide Shift Reagent
MAST Motion Artifact Suppression Technique
MBS-MRA Minimum Basis Set Magnetic Resonance Angiography
MESS Multiple Echo Single Shot (SMRM 9, 456")
mFISP Mirrored FISP
MIP Maximum Intensity Projection
MOTSA Multiple Overlapping Thin Slab Acquisition
MP-RAGE Magnetization Prepared RApid Gradient Echo I "JMRI 8, 115, 1990"
MRA Magnetic Resonance Angiography
MS-EPI Multi-Shot Echo Planar Imaging
MTC Magnetization Transfer Contrast
MTSA Multiple Thin Slab Acquisition
NEX Number of Excitations
NSA Number of Signal Averages
PC Phase Contrast
PE Phase Encoding
PEG Phase Encode Grouping
PET Positron Emission Tomography
POMP Phase Ordered Multi-Planar (SMRM 7, 241 1988)
PPG Peripheral Pulse Gating
PPM Parts per Millions
PRFT Partially Relaxed Fourier Transform
PSR Phase Sampling Ratio
QCSI Quantitative Chemical Shift Imaging (SMRM 9, 1099)
QMRI Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (SMRM 9, 19, 1990)
QUIPPS QUantitative Imaging of Perfusion using a Single Subtraction
RARE Rapid Acquisition Relaxation Enhanced (MRM 3, 823, 1986)
RARE Rapid Acquisition with Refocussed Echoes
RASE Rapid Acquisition Spin Echo I "SMRM 9, 161"
rCBF Regional Cerebral Blood Flow
ROI Region Of Interest
ROPE Respiratory Ordered Phase Encoding I "JCAT, 9(4): 835, 1985"
RUFIS Rotating Ultra-Fast Imaging Sequence
SAAV Simultaneous Acquisition of Artery and Vein
SE Spin-Echo Imaging
sEPI spiral EPI
SIMUSIM Simultaneous Multi Slice Imaging (MRM 10, 145, 1989)
SIP Saturation Inversion Projection
SMART Simultaneous Multislice Acquisition Using Rosette Trajectories
SMaRT Simultaneous Multislice Acquisition with aRterial-flow Tagging
SMI Simultaneous Multislice Imaging (SMRM 8, 275, 1988)
SNR Signal to Noise Ratio
SPACE Spatial and Chemical-Shift Encoded Excitation
SPAMM SPAtial Modulation of Magnetization I "Radiology 171:841, 1989" Leon Axel
SPECT Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography
SPGR SPoiled Gradient Recalled (Spoiled GRASS)
SPI Selective Population Inversion
SPT Selective Population Transfer
SS Slice Select Gradient
SSFP Steady State Free Precession (GE)
STE Stimulated Echo
STIR Short Tau (inversion Time) Inversion Recovery
STREAM Suppressed Tissue with Refreshment Angiography Method A "SMRM 9, 171"
T Tesla
TCF Time Correlation Function
TD Trigger Delay
TE Time Delay between excitation and Echo Maximum
TEI TE interleaved "SMRM 9, 437"
TI Time following Inversion Pulse
TMR Topical Magnetic Resonance
TOF Time of Flight
TOSS Total Supression of Sidebands
T2 PEDD T2 Proton Electron Dipole Dipole interaction
TPPI Time-Proportional Phase Incrementation
T2 PRE T2 Proton Relaxation Enhancement
TR Time to Repetition
TSR Total Saturation Recovery "SMRM 9, 19, '90"
TurboFLASH Turbo Fast Low Angle Shot
UE Unpaired Electron
USPIO Ultrasmall SuperParamagnetic Iron Oxide
VAS Variable Angle Spinning
VENC Velocity Encoding Value
VIGRE Gradient Echo
VINNIE Velocity encode CINE imaging - GE
VOI Volume of Interest
VPS Views Per Segment
WATERGATE Water Suppression Pulse Sequence
WEFT Water Eliminated Fourier Transform


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